MPC has always been a strong supporter of not-for-profit organizations, allowing professional and administrative staff to volunteer as needed throughout the year with an organization of their choice.  Additionally, each year MPC designates a volunteer day with a local not-for-profit organization where we close our office for the day to help a local organization further their mission.  This culture allows us to remain passionate about working with not-for-profit organizations and gives us the insight needed to understand our clients' missions.

Not-for-profit organizations are continuously challenged with limited resources, government regulation and public oversight.  Our extensive experience with not-for-profit organizations uniquely positions us to consult with management and governance to create sustainable and best practice systems of accountability.  We provide audit, review, and compilation financial statement services, accounting and monitoring services, as well as consulting services to management and Board of Directors on simple to complex topics affecting their organizations.


Residential and commercial construction contractors face difficult challenges with bonding restrictions, capital requirements and constantly changing building codes.  Additionally, contractors often require a more complicated accounting and reporting structure that includes work in progress reports to measure percentage of completion, keeping track of overhead and labor burden cost allocation to jobs, estimates for warranty repairs on completed jobs and proper record-keeping and accounting for change orders.  MPC can help you with the accounting and reporting components so that you can focus on building your company and your customers.


Professional services such as medical offices, law practices and financial advisors are often focused on managing cash flow, keeping their overhead low and are often faced with employee benefits issues.  We can advise and help you structure your employee benefits so that you maintain a competitive labor force while remaining compliant with changing legislation.  Our accounting services are often an efficient solution to keeping your overhead low while maintaining accurate, timely information to make informed decisions regarding your business.  We work closely with many professional offices to ensure that invoices are current and collections are accurately reported, so cash flow is managed properly.


Accounting for manufacturers and distributors requires keeping up with inventory valuations and reporting accurate cost of goods sold.  MPC can help you successfully implement cost accounting systems that accurately report cost of goods sold so that you can manage your gross margins effectively and make changes to your business that positively affect your bottom line.  Recent changes in tax legislation may impact small manufacturers.  Let us help you assess your needs.


The Research Triangle Park is home to more than 250 businesses of all sizes and is the largest research park in the country, with over 3,000 patents awarded to RTP businesses.  With the long tradition of research and technology in the Triangle, we have been fortunate to work closely with many successful technology companies throughout our 30 years as a CPA firm.  From start-ups to acquisitions, sources of capital for funding research and technology are always paramount.  The complex ownership and equity agreements that may accompany these entities can be difficult to account for properly and often require specialized experience with partnership tax law.  We work closely with attorneys, banks and owners to help protect your interests so the investment in your future is more secure.


The Triangle has become a restaurant hub in recent years due to the immense growth and dynamic business environment found in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.  Whether the restaurant you own offers full-service meals or fast-food, your success depends on accurate and timely reports of your food costs and labor expenses.  These components are essential in order to make quick decisions and manage the success of your business.  MPC has extensive experience with restaurants and hotels and uses industry-compiled statistics to assess operations and make recommendations to management.  MPC can also help with tip reporting!

Recent tax legislation has affected many capital-intensive businesses such as restaurants and hotels.  MPC can help you navigate through the complex rules that apply to capital improvements and restaurant equipment.  We can help you take advantage of tax deductions and credits available to restaurants and hotels.

Benefit Plans

Employee Benefit Plans are complex, highly scrutinized, and ever-evolving.  MPC’s extensive experience with providing assurance and consulting services means we can assist Plan Sponsors with navigating these challenges.  As a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center (the Center) we have committed to adhere to the highest quality standards by voluntarily agreeing to the Center membership requirements, which include establishing quality control programs, performing annual internal inspection procedures, and making our peer review report findings available to the public.  Our membership also allows us access to comprehensive resources that assist us in enhancing the quality of our employee benefit plan services by providing us with timely information on a variety of technical, legislative and regulatory subjects.  Our philosophy is to provide Plan Sponsors with the education and guidance to implement strong processes and controls to help ensure regulatory compliance as well as improving the administration of your plan.


Globalization has evolved over the years, making it possible for small businesses to trade across the globe with ease.  We can assist U.S. businesses participating in the global marketplace by helping them navigate the ambiguous, complex and often conflicting tax regimes.  We help minimize the risk of double taxation and recommend strategies to avoid transactional traps that can lead to unintended tax consequences.  We can design international tax strategies to align business operations, tax compliance, corporate transparency and tax optimization.

Let us assist you with corporate governance, treasury functions, and accounting support for foreign subsidiaries to allow you to meet your tax reporting requirements.  We can advise you on inbound investment of foreign companies doing business in the U.S. and the related tax and accounting compliance.  Let us help you make the world your marketplace.